“It takes a lot of great beer

to make good



A California interpretation of the Bavarian Classic…

A wild yeast strain dominates the intense fermentation process used to produce this simple but full bodied beer seprates the Big Ass® Hefe from other weizens. A bread-like malt character with a balance of noble hops and a subtle citrus start and finish contributed by the yeast. Great by itself or garnish with traditional lemon or orange slice to make it especially thirst quenching after a summer day working in the vineyards.


A giant full-bodied lager beer.

Complex malt character, clean smooth, refreshing finish with just a hint of alcohol and finishing hops to balance the malt character. The effervescent character of the Big Ass®Bock allows it to pair well with pizza and still have enough body to stand up to a steak…a wonderful evening beer to enjoy.


A generous blend of Liberty and Mt. Hood hops.

The Big Ass® IPA has a crisp, tart finish with a clean and golden six row malt body. Exceptionally well attenuated, this beer is the “uncommonly” smooth interpretation of the ever popular IPA. It is very capable of washing down the dust from the crush as well as enjoying on its own, with appetizers or a lighter meal.